Liquidation because of revamp of shopping mall (Paint shop)

We have a paint shop in a shopping mall. The mall management decided to make improvements and renovations. Scaffolding was put in front of our entrance and a one-month improvement project, stretched to three months. Customers were reluctant to enter into our store through dust and bricks, as well as builders. We tried to negotiate with the landlord for reduced rent, but they were not lenient at all. We didn’t even make enough money to pay our staff during the shopping center’s “revamp”. We used up our overdraft and then tried to make different arrangements with suppliers. Our debt has accumulated in such a way that we have no choice but to liquidate our business. I ended up in hospital because of all the stress and pressure I was under. It made me realize that it is not worth splurging like that. I ended up liquidating my business, and had the opportunity to start over.