Business Liquidation in South Africa

We assist South African companies with their liquidation process. We work with the most experienced attorneys and companies to ensure you are taken care off.

Business Liquidation South Africa

We assist companies who are financially struggling and need a new start. We do so by providing our clients with the best and most experienced firms to assist them with the liquidation process. Our service providers have over 25 years of experience and are able to assist any business (micro or macro) in South Africa.

Our service providers have successfully completed over 3 760 liquidations  over the last 20 years.

I was unable to find a contract at the beginning of last year and used up most of my savings to get by. I started working in Pretoria but the costs of travel and decreased income, combined with the fact that I need to support my father that has been retrenched, has resulted in my company to not be able to pay its debts and is forced to look into liquidation. Basically, the liabilities of the company are more than the company’s assets.


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Business never gets to the level of breaking even.  The landlord also did not want to negotiate better terms. What also pushed things further was Eskom’s failures that influenced trade.  After falling behind with rent, the landlord basically gave me notice to pay or rather shut shop and move along, because they already have someone else wanting to come in.  After the shop was closed, I was left with no assets as the landlord took a claim on it.


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With over two decades of experience,  it makes it easy for us to say we have a  100% success rate. If your case is not successful, we guaranteed your money back. Please note: It is imperative that all steps given to as a client must be followed, and all documentation thoroughly read, as it is vital to ensure the success of your case.

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